• Andrew Petrulis

Your Functional Fitness Gym Isn't Functional.

“We are genetically coded to move. Yet, our concrete jungle inhibits our natural function. Weakness, pain, and disease creep into our bodies. We help restore your natural function of movement.”

-Andrew Petrulis,

CrossFit High Order Founder

Ground to standing training is one of the most important functional movements but most gyms never teach any sort of training in this. Sure there is the burpee, maybe a turkish get up, and some lunges but tell me how many people do a burpee at their house to get off the floor?

I see so many people using their hands to stand up from the ground. Heck, I was doing it too. It made me start truly thinking what functional fitness is to me, to my gym, and to our current society.

My journey into a new concept of functional fitness started years ago. I've been walking, hiking, and training barefoot for almost 2 years on a daily basis. I started taking cold showers, spending 3 minutes in sub-40 degree water temperature and 26 degree air temperature with the ground covered in snow at Lake Terramuggus. I play as an adult by acting like a kid on a slackline or playing in the woods. I've received my license to be a massage therapist with a focus on neurophysiological adaptations in movement. I am intrigued by the body and always looking for a more natural and holistic way to health. I want people to rely on nutriton and movement, not doctors and pills.

I wanted to see how my body performed and adapted when I took less focus on heavy and hard and more on control and balance. The amount of growth I've seen in my capabilities over my entire body have been amazing with the reduction of pain to increase in muscle activation. So I started playing around with the concept of implementing some of my new ideas of functional fitness into my gym.

CrossFit High Order added a lot of isometric ground work, crawling, and quadruped rotations into our warm ups to help increase muscle and neurophysiological function. Yes lifting heavy barbell weights with high volume sounds great coming from a coach who is supposed to be looking out for your best health, but is it functional to the everyday person? No, you shouldn’t be in pain everyday from working out. You shouldn’t be so exhausted that you can’t function for the rest of the day. You shouldn’t hate training because you know you are going to be so sore. If this is the case your body will get injured or you will give up as it takes away value in your life.

We always think more is better but that’s not the case.

You can’t get the best performance out of your body by pushing more weight and not correcting muscle imbalance and compensation patterns. You can try, we all have. We need to increase time under tension in the body and slow our movements. Sure dropping barbells is fun, but it’s definitely not helping your body’s strength by only performing the movement in one direction. Maybe your back hurts from deadlifts due to the lack of control lowering the barbell to the ground. Maybe you don’t have the proper hinge pattern and you shouldn’t be pulling from the ground but from blocks. These are just a few of the things we assess and adjust to every client.

CrossFit High Order started performing more controlled body weight, barbell, and object strength training. Variations in the tempo, pauses, and positions have resulted in big successes.

Our clients are able to get off the floor without their hands, shoes come off inside the gym to allow the function of the feet while training creating a more natural squat pattern, they are seeing muscles they never had. Their depth and increased range of motion is highlighted in their class and barbell training.

We will continue to implement over 3 years worth of true natural function data into our gym values, coaches, and training.

We have coaches who have degrees in exercise science, occupational therapy, massage therapy, and are continuing their education. We don’t just love working out, we love movement. We aren't saying barbell training is bad, because it is not. But we are saying we need to stop putting such a high priority on barbell movements and the other 14 basic movements most gyms are programming in their workout of the day. Stop putting priority on PRs and Hero workouts every week. Start putting priority on what causes you pain everyday- getting out of bed, taking the laundry out of the dryer, rolling down a hill for a laugh! We can help adjust your personal training and group class environment to just that.

Don’t take your movement for granted. Either fight for your longevity now, or pay for it later.

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